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Beer Conference

Beer Bloggers Conference 2012

Hello Beer Bloggers!

We have some exciting news about a bigger, better and more useful site in the works for Beer Bloggers across the world. Many of you are already members of Beer Bloggers Unite (http://beerbloggers.ning.com).

This online community for the world's beer bloggers was started in July 2009 by blogger Carla Companion and now has over 650 members. Seven months ago, Carla expressed a desire to pass along the responsibility of running the site and we at the Beer Bloggers Conference (www.beerbloggersconference.org ) are excited to have taken on this great community.

The first step in this effort is to survey you, our Citizen Beer Bloggers from around the world, about what you are looking for in an online beer blogger community. Please take 10 minutes to share your thoughts with us: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/T8GZBDR

Please note we welcome your opinion whether you are a member of Beer Bloggers Unite or not. If there is anything we have learned from our conferences, it is that the beer blogging community is an active, exciting and engaging community and we are looking forward to creating a great resource for everyone to be a part of!As for the conferences, we recently announced the 2012 North American Beer Bloggers Conference will be July 13-15 in Indianapolis, Indiana and we will be announcing the European conference location and date soon. Wherever in the world you are, we hope you will be able to join us.

Cheers, Salud and Prost!

Elle Potter
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